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What are some good ways to start loosing weight at 15 years old?

Hello I’m 15 years old and I weigh 240 pounds. Yes I know very heavy for my age lol but don’t worry that build up over the years and because I’m 5’8 it’s barely noticeable. But looks aren’t what I’m here for, I want to be healthy so I can live a long happy life for the future ahead of me, and I also want to take Karate lessons but because of my weight I am unable to perform many tasks and I can get extremely tired quickly while doing so. So can you guys give me tips on what I should eat and how to exercise please? anything will help thank you!

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8 Responses to “What are some good ways to start loosing weight at 15 years old?”

  1. Iva S said:

    alot of dancing and drinking alot of water

  2. babygrrl03 said:

    watch your calorie intake
    make sure that ure burning more than your eating
    for example for every m&m u eat u would have to run a football feild once! thats a true fact!
    so like maybe lean cuisine or low carb / low calorie meals
    and more smaller meals not fewwer big!
    workout the best you can and drink plenty of water and green tea! the lipton diet green tea helps burn calories and boosts your metabolism

    ii hope this helps :]

  3. Sai2301 said:

    get a dog! take for walks twice a day and cut down on carb intake..the dog will giv lots of motivation,so dont worry…

  4. nicki said:

    well its is not good to lose weight in that age after u start die then when u r 20or21 your stomach will come out you should stop eating too much and work lots and go for walk it will help u

  5. Fluoro! said:

    Start going for a Jog every Day.
    Eat Healthy Food From the Bottom section of the food pyramid.
    Drink Loads Of water.
    Just the usual.

  6. Bill said:

    i generally don’t like to answer a lot of questions as i am not a trainer or anything however, i read the response above me from babygrll and it made me laugh, if you ate one m&m you would not have to run a football field to burn it off, you body naturally burns a certain amount of calories just to get through your every day activities, the best way to be healthy is by a lot of cardio, jog for 20 minuets or if you cant do that walk for 30 minuets, the more the better, and in everyday life you can do so many things that will help, avoid eating fatty foods, don’t take short cuts, (with todays technology you could live and be very social without getting off your couch) so if you have to talk to your friend walk to see him rather than calling him, take stairs instead of elevators, all these little things will add up! good luck…..
    babygrrl you are stupid!

  7. Brandon W said:

    try going to a gym thats what i did

  8. shuru said:

    you must exercise regularly so that u burn ur calories. you can eat and drink food items like chillie sauce and green tea which help in burning calories. avoid fatty food items.


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