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What are some really good ways to loose weight and gain muscle?

i am thirteen years old and do a lot of sports such as gymnastics, basketball, softball, and swimming. I am in pretty good shape but would like to loose a little weight from my hips and thighs. I weigh approximately 102 lbs. When i loose the weight i would also like to gain some muscle so i can be a stronger and better athlete!

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One Response to “What are some really good ways to loose weight and gain muscle?”

  1. PlainPat said :

    You can have anything, you can’t have everything. What are your priorities? Are you planning to compete or go for athletic scholarship? Then you will lose study time and social time. My idol is someone who was a teacher-for-life, but he was only a teacher for three years, then he was killed. The few moments of peace he had were spoiled by one of his best friends, who thought the guy should be working even harder. and enjoying less.


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