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What are some good ways for a teenage girl to stay fit and tone up?

Not to lose weight, but to tone up all areas of the body and stay fit. But no activities that would build TOO much muscle, I just want to look fit and healthy, not really muscular!

I’m looking for something I could sign up for, like pilaties, yoga, kickboxing, etc.

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7 Responses to “What are some good ways for a teenage girl to stay fit and tone up?”

  1. MopTopBoy said :



  2. Dani M said :

    run that doesnt get you all muscley and go some sit ups and push ups then you will be toned

  3. mike_rutman said :

    not spending all your time on myspace and facebook maybe??

  4. HelloGoodbye said :

    Go for a thirty minute walk once a day or three times a week. If you have a dog and an iPod to bring with, all the better! It really works, trust me! I lost twenty pounds and toned up in about a month or two!

  5. serene e said :

    If you’re a girl, you really CAN”T build too much muscle. You’re body isn’t made for it.
    It’s simply buying some 2 or 3 lb hand weights. Search on the internet for some at home lifting weight moves. They say we should all be getting 30 minutes of exercise 5 days a week. These two things should fix you up.

  6. Bob S said :

    work out and eat right everyday

  7. Spencer K said :

    Kickboxing is a great way to stay in shape. If there is a cardio kickboxing club nearby, I definitely recommend it; or even just an MMA or Kickboxing dojo. There is this one girl that comes to my kickboxing class, and she looks really good if I may say so 🙂


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