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help with loosing weight?

So this past year ive gained a lot of weight (around 15 lbs) but i had no growth spert. I run A LOT, im on my high school cross country,winter, and spring track team. but this year i just hated running, so i didnt really do much at practice and ended up cutting the workouts and gained a lot of weight. i just turned 16 about a month ago and im basically 5′ 7″ and weigh like 133 lbs. which i think is kinda big i wanna loose like 10 lbs. Ive started running more. So far this week, ive ran sunday, monday, and twice on tuesday but wasnt able to wednsday, or today (thursday). and i wont be able to tomorrow or saturday. So i was thinking what would happen if i cut Bread out completely out of my diet and kept excersising 3-5 times a week. How quickly do you think id loose some weight?

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One Response to “help with loosing weight?”

  1. Michi said :

    umm try the P90X really works


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