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Loosing weight on my hips and thighs?

We have a boat, and im in need of a beach body(: I have big hips and thighs, any tips on how to loose it quickly? thankss for your help(:

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3 Responses to “Loosing weight on my hips and thighs?”

  1. Laura J said :

    Well, try to do some exercises for your hips and thighs. I like to do Denise Austin. You can also try to eat better too. The weight may not come off quickly, it depends on how much you want to lose. Just eat better and exercise more. Good luck.

  2. Jake said :

    Do a lot of aerobic exercise to tone muscles. Avoid salty foods to avoid water retention in said areas of issue. Eat healthy. Ect.

  3. ColeT said :

    Contrary to the myths out there, tere is no way to target a specific area to lose weight…Weight gain/loss in areas is determined by your body and so to lose weight in a specific area requires losing weight in other areas…it is the sum o fthe parts that determine if you lost weight in those areas.

    Try to eat less calories (no junk food) and do some fun moving activities that get your heart racing…the best i’ve seen is playing sports because you forget you are exercising while having fun. I find straight exercise a bit boring but if you can do that and not get bored then go for it.


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