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Help on loosing weight for the summer?

hi…im a teen (13years old)
and according to the BMI calculator, im at risk of becoming overweight.
and i look kinda big compared to my friends and i would like to look good in a bikini for this summer.
how can i loose like 10-15 pounds right before school ends? my school ends around June 10th, so that gives me like 2 and half months. i need a detailed answer! and i heard that younger people can loose weight faster than older people. please HELP! good answers please! i would like to get the weight off as quickly as i can but safely. thanks! (please no pills that are for women) thanks!
im 5 feet 3 inches and weigh about 134.
my mom has this protein powder i can put in smoothies or something.

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4 Responses to “Help on loosing weight for the summer?”

  1. sarahrocker said :

    I am in the EXACT same situation. I’ve been losing a little from switching ALL soda and tea and kool aid and stuff with water…If you just switch soda with water for one meal a day, it will save you 50,000 calories in a year. I hope that helps. Also, doing jumping jacks or sit-ups or something while you watch tv.

  2. Kier C said :

    I have the same problem, I think that if you walk for 30-60 min. a day, then you can loose weight faster. I also researched to eat smaller, more frequent meals through out the day, instead of eating 3 big meals. Just exercise whenever possible, and make the right eating decisions. By the way, is this Kenzie Braun? you could possibly be my cousin, it’s Kiersten. I’m just not sure if its you. Do you live in Arizona? just email me

  3. Cassandra B said :

    seveteen mag workouts is what I live by!

    Eating right is half of it! Stop with the chips,sodas,fastfood type of stuff. I mean yeah your a teen meaning you shouldn’t like stop completely. But do the small protions instead of like a whole bag of chips. And only go out for fastfood once in a while. When you stop eating it and then go out again your body is like “ew gross.” I never go out for fast food anymore. But when I do my stomach feels gross and I don’t want it.Find something that is fun to do also! Like bike riding or dancing in your room to music. (: goooodluck!
    ps. proteins powder is okay I guess when you didn’t have enough protein for the day.

  4. ❀Sakura✿ said :

    Other than telling you ti exercise and eat right (which you should) i think you should drink water. Replacing Soda, Lemonade, Soft Drinks, Coffee, etc. with water is actually really helpful.



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