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weight help! not sure bout what to eat.

im 5’1 1/2 and i weigh 130 pounds. i feel like im over weight. i love to box but my dad makes excuses every time i ask to go to the gym. i really wanna loose about 10lbs. [[5 will due]] im not obsessed with my weight but feel like i should b more fit. my stomach is my main problem [[i have love handles that i hate!]] i gain muscle quickly but i need help with nutrition!

i LOVE to eat….but im willing to cut back.
another problem is i dont like veggies. [[except salads]]
but i love fruit.
i have a tredmill [but i have bad knees so after a while it hurts]
i also have a pool.
i have to eat what mom makes for dinner.
any other meal im on my own.

then dinner.

can anyone suggest things to eat that are low in calories and some excersizes that arent hard on my knees??

i just want to be fit and healthy. i feel so yucky!

and does anyone know how to for sure check my fat and muscle percentege?? this way on the scale if i loose weight then gain some i know its muscle and not fat.

the help would b great!

and i promise im not anerexic or belemic. [[dont think i spelled it rite..sorry!]]

are snacks bad?
i mean if its like carrots or some strawberys?

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3 Responses to “weight help! not sure bout what to eat.”

  1. Patricia F said :

    swim honey!!

    omg swimming is the greatest excersise that you can be doing right no to loose some extra weight and get in shape. you will be loosing so much weight that eating some extra food is acctually good for you. if you get in a swim 50 -80 laps a day you will be burning plenty of calories

  2. obljg y said :

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  3. mako13 said :

    Boxing is a great exercise and fun sport, if your dad doesnt want to take you, ride a bike or walk if its not too far. As far as other exercises, since you have a pool, swimming is a great low impact cardio exercise, works your whole body.

    As far as food, I would suggest eating your biggest meal for breakfast, normal lunch, and a small dinner. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it provides your energy for the day, think about it, do you want ingest all your calories right before you go to sleep, or do you want to use those calories throughout the day. With this schedule, you can eat a lot more satisfying foods, just stay away from ultra sugary and fatty foods, but don’t be afraid to treat yourself once in a while, if you completely avoid things like pizza, you will be miserable.

    Ill just give you an example of what I ate today.

    Breakfast: I had steak and 3 eggs, with a protein shake
    Lunch: I had a grilled chicken sandwich with lots of vegetables, tomato soup, crackers, and an apple
    Dinner: I had a peanut butter and honey sandwich with a glass of skim milk.

    And if i got hungry in between meals, I would have some beef jerky, fruit, or something like that.

    Just make sure you exercise and stay away from fast food places as much as possible.


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