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Loose Weight – I am interested in loosing weight, but more importantly getting in shape?

I want to get in shape, loose weight, and get healthy. I feel like I don’t get enough hours in the day, stay up late trying to get things done, and wake up tired…. and stay tired through out the day. What is the best exercise to get started on (how often and how long) to show results fairly quickly… I need some good ideas for good motivation and to get started!!!

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6 Responses to “Loose Weight – I am interested in loosing weight, but more importantly getting in shape?”

  1. Joey K said :

    It’s impossible to loose weight. If you want to lose weight, though, that is possible.

    You don’t say your weight or your specific goals. If you haven’t exercised in awhile, start out walking, and increase your distance a little each day. Then your exercise has to get a little more productive, like jogging. Swimming is very low impact and results in almost no injury.

    Add some free weight training, read the magazines that help you.

  2. hottie673 said :

    you can try to sleep by 10:30pm and in the morning go for a morning jog and go fro a walk in the evening for about 15 minitues or more. best do not eat to much fat stuff eat a lot of fruit instead

  3. Heather C said :

    surgery works in most cases

  4. wondergirl said :

    Most gym’s have trainer that will help to motivate and train you. Weight training will probably be perfect for you. You should check out the library or video store. There are tons of videos for every kind of exercise you could imagine! You can go to the gym, work out at home, or just go for a walk!You are sure to find something to fit you and your schedule. You just HAVE to commit to MAKE time for yourself! Even 20 mins a day can make a WORLD of difference in how you look, feel, and think! Along with a healthy diet, you will be feeling better in no time, so get moving! Make sure to get plenty of rest! Prioritize things in your life and get rid of the junk! (trust me the world won’t really fall apart if you don’t wax the floors EVERY night!)Tomorrow is a brand new day!! Good Luck!

  5. ccl said :

    What I do is first thing in the morning is a short ab workout. I follow a tape called the firm. It has a different ab workouts everyday. After the tape I do push-ups and I left weights because if you add weight training with cardio you will burn way more calories then if you were to do just cardio. This takes about 20 min. At this time I take a shower because I work early in the mornings. At work I get two 15 min. breaks and we have a fitness area, so on my breaks I will do my cardio workouts. This is a great time to workout because I am a very busy otherwise.
    People say that they don’t have time to workout, but you just need to be creative.
    With my diet I try and eat high fiber foods also calcium is very important for weigth loss and drink lots of water. No regular pop. I do sometimes drink diet. You also need to eat every two hours to keep you re metabolism high. I made a rule for my self when I eat lunch and dinner I must eat a salad are some kind of vegetables. I try to make it more then half my meal. Most vegetables are negative calorie foods which means that it takes more calories to burn than the food has in it. For my snacks I eat fruit like an apple because that is also a neg. cal. food.
    For breakfast I eat oatmeal that is called weight control because it is high in fiber, some fruit and yogurt.
    You won’t loose weight over night, but if you keep up with this routine you will be very motivated and you will see results. You need to remember pick something that works for you. Exercise at different times during the day to see what works best for you. If you don’t like doing it all at once do 15 min. in the morning and 15. min. at night. At first it was hard for me to wake up in the morning to exersise, but it does give you a burst of energy and soon I was ready to wake up and start my day.
    What ever you choose just make sure it is something that you enjoy and that if fits in with youre life that way you will be more likly to stick with it.
    Good Luck and Have Fun!!

  6. christy said :

    walking & running will get you started. well, the more you do it & the longer you do it, the more results you will see faster.

    skip the gimmics & go straight for the traditional exercise.

    for motivation: um… loosing weight & looking great not to mention feeling more energised!


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