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help stopping smoking?

I really want to give up, im only 17 but i have been smoking 10 cigarettes a day for two years. I have gum to help me stop, but i find i always end up smoking again.

is there any tips to keep me strong and give up for good, i hate it so much.


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4 Responses to “help stopping smoking?”

  1. TheGuardian said :

    Just, Spend all your money on things you need like food and stuff until your broke! and then try really hard to not ask anyone for any!

    It’s how i got out of my Gatorade addiction!

  2. pixlove said :

    Every time you smoke just remember that no girl is gonna want to kiss you with your mouth tasting bad & your breath smelling bad. 🙂 Also, ask your doc to prescribe Chantix. I’ve heard it’s helped a lot of people.

  3. don said :

    if u really want to give up then try it slowly … reduce one cig every 2 weeks but stick to the regime watever the stress u may face keep ur control …start with 9 cig for 2 weeks and then reduse it to 8 when u reach 4 cig per day increase the time for conditioning eg keep the 4 cig a day gerime for 3 weeks instead of 2 and then continue untill u r ready to quit smokin alltogethr .. .u need determination and control and patients if u want to do anything in life

  4. smart gurl said :

    well um just think du u have any brothers or sisters or a child u should think bout dem an wat example u r 4 dem and mi sister has a child and she stopped cause of him


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