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Stopping smoking has anyone tried champix have you bought it online?

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4 Responses to “Stopping smoking has anyone tried champix have you bought it online?”

  1. Matt A said :

    I would never buy any medications online. There are just too many unknowns and your gambling with your health.

  2. backdoor said :

    I am guessing that you live in the UK as in the USA this drug is known as Chantix and has to have a prescription. That being the case I would not take it without a doctor ordering it and then I would NOT buy online but at a drug store I think you may call it a chemist over there. It worked for me and I was a smoker for over 35 years. Been off cigarettes since August of 2008. Its the best gift you can give yourself! Please try anything you can (safely of course) before it is really too late for you like it is for me.

  3. im_a_lil_devil_22 said :

    I have been on Champix for 4 weeks now, and haven’t had a smoke in 11 days. You need to get a prescription from your doctor. I wouldn’t buy online as your never really sure what your getting. Champix isn’t for everyone. I myself having really had a whole lot of problems with them (thankfully). Good luck!

    EDIT: it is also called Champix here in Canada

  4. Josh said :

    Sure, and it works well. But this is a drug that can occasionally have very strange and serious side effects including suicidal ideation so I wouldn’t buy it online, I would do it under the supervision of a doctor.


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