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Has anyone seen a vast improvement in their skin after stopping smoking?

I know smoking makes you wrinkle prematurely but after giving up can your skin recover much?

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7 Responses to “Has anyone seen a vast improvement in their skin after stopping smoking?”

  1. jumbo said :

    Yes definitely. Smoking makes the skin dry and ages the skin

  2. SunnyCK said :

    OH YES! ABSOLUTELY! Smoking sucks the oxygen from your pores and makes you look older. Also I have beautiful skin now, whereas I once had a sort of ruddy complexion.

  3. chumneyvisualdesigns said :

    Oh yes I have. The skin has more oxygen and nutrients that when smoking, these are depleated. Smoking depleats Folic Acid and other vitamins and minerals from your body, supplements help but not like quitting smoking.

  4. jjjgreene1 said :

    sure did

  5. Wisdom2542 said :

    I was a smoker for about 7 years. I quit over a month ago (yea!) I as well as others are noticing an improvment in the skin tone in my face. Its not as pale as it was and my cheeks seem rosy. As typical with smokers I had bad circulation in my hands and they were always cold. Since Ive quit my hands are warm again and Im no longer making my boyfriend jump when I touch his skin.

  6. Feed♥Me♥Seymour said :

    I quit smoking 11 months ago. No change in skin, but I’ve never had any problems with it either. Gained 40 lbs, lost a lot of muscle, getting pain in my joints, having trouble with my normal exercises, my tennis game has gone to crap, new aches every day, sleep changes, developing allergies (that’s something very new to me). Quitting hasn’t been all that great for me. But I’m not going back to smoking either. I’m probably the exception rather than the rule. Smoking is like playing Russian roulette with your life. Plus it reeks and it’s expensive. Glad I don’t stink anymore. lol

  7. Rhonda W said :

    I gave it up five years ago, my skin is now more clear, and has more color. My eyes are brighter, of course I feel tons better and once I got my teeth cleaned I was a new person. To the person above me in the answers, maybe you werent too much into exercise due to your smoking, and all the joint pain could be due to the 3,000 chemicals that have yet to leave your body. Imagine all the toxins and poisons that have yet to leave you. It will take a few years for you to be your old self again depending on how long you have smoked. At this moment my good friend is dying from lung cancer much to young. So for thousands of reasons other then clear skin dump the cigarettes..your tennis game I am sure is due to the gain of weight, which also plays havec on the joints. Alot of your issues to the lady above me is due to the weight gain. Good luck.


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