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is it normal to have sore ribs, etc, after stopping smoking?

When i cough especially I get pain in the back of my ribs, u know, round the back area! is this normal and does it go away eventually?

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2 Responses to “is it normal to have sore ribs, etc, after stopping smoking?”

  1. David said :

    you must be coughing a lot. your body is used to the smoke, so it takes a long time to come down from the addiction. my dad in law quit after sixty yeas as a smoker. he felt crappy for six months. now he can,t even be in a room with a smoker.

  2. caylo2ooo said :

    yes, its normal. all the tar is currently stuck to the lining of your lungs, and you will have to cough that up. so, yes, when you do that, it will hurt like crazy. have you noticed any coloured phlegm coming out when you cough? it will lessen as time goes by-congrats on quitting-good for you. in six months you will feel like a new person.


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