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stopping smoking ?- do not answer after Feb 1.?

Any success stories about stopping smoking?

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9 Responses to “stopping smoking ?- do not answer after Feb 1.?”

  1. bmac said :

    I quit cold turkey (for the hundredth time) in April of 2000. Hopefully the last time. I haven’t had one since.

  2. LB Smooth said :

    Cold turkey baby…not me, but several friends. That’s my plan when I decide to quit.

  3. GhandiDahandi said :

    i quit cold turkey.. tried everything else and it didnt work. it was a lot of tension during the first month but it eases off afterwards… have not been smoking for 4 years now. LOVIN IT!

  4. huckypeep2 said :

    I chewed a lot of big pieces of bubble gum

  5. the_only_solorose said :

    I quit with the assistance of Commit lozenges three years ago, still smoke free. Good luck, keep trying, it took me six tries to finally succeed.

  6. mcfly_lives said :

    “The Easy Way to Stop Smoking” by Allan Carr. Find it at Barnes and Nobel. Amazing results.

  7. tendutsmp said :

    forget the gum program,,,,it makes food taste like sh*t,,,and I hate gum anyway………..I’m now on 3rd box of the patch,,only one week left to go ,,,stopped 12/24/06 at 6pm,,,I have gone a day without patch just to see how I’d do,,,,,,,,,didn’t smoke,,,and I take the patch off at bed time(to many vivid DREAMS)…….Oh i did stop 5/18/93,for 8 years ,hated the $.75 a pack price,, stopped cold turkey!!!!!! And that was easy back then????

  8. Dr. Ayman El Nigoumi said :

    Well, stop it even before 1st of Feb. i will list the harmful effects and you choose:-
    1) Tongue cancer.
    2) Yellowish of teeth.
    3) Excessive Heat over gigival Tissue (Gingiva).
    4) If Reamained on Treachea ( Cancer).
    5) Reaction of Carbon Monoxide Causing CarboxyHeamoglobin
    Which decreases the affinity of blood (RBC) to react with oxygen
    Causing less oxygen to vital organs.
    6) Distruction of Surfactant Layer in the Aleoli in Lungs.
    7) Nicotine causing addiction.
    8) Tar showed cancers in many regions.

    Still wanna smoke: Think again 🙂

  9. Katt said :

    I quit smoking in 1991 and it was hard but not impossible. The biggest problem I had was the ‘habbit’ The cravings I could deal with. But I found when I was in specific situations (at a stop light where I normally light up) I would reach for a smoke. I managed to deal with this with herbal cigerettes (no not the illegal kind) you can buy them at most all healthfood shops and though the taste is not what you are used to you will find it will help you when you are at the end of your rop and just can not go on any more. To deal with the cravings themself I had lasar done and I really had no cravings at all. good luck!


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