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coughing and tight chest after stopping smoking……….?

my husband quit smoking 3 weeks ago and is still coughing up a lot of mucus and his chest gets really tight and he wheezes a lot. He started going to the gym with me but after about 15-20 minutes on the treadmill he can’t breathe and then really coughs up a lot of mucus. How long before this stops and he can actually breathe again? Thanks. 🙂

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3 Responses to “coughing and tight chest after stopping smoking……….?”

  1. firecracker said :

    he probably needs to get checked out, but when my husband quit a couple years ago, it was like his body was getting rid of all the junk in his lungs, it stopped after a couple months. But he probably needs to make sure he doesn’t have bronchitus just in case…

  2. Irish Sean said :

    Speaking from experience, he may be spitting up mucus for years. It’s his bodies way of ridding itself of the tar & nicotine.

    Depending on how long & how much he smoked, I would strongly recommend he pay a visit to the doctor prior to excercising. The doctor will probably want to conduct a stress test to determine how much excersion your husbands heart can take.

  3. Glee said :

    I’m not sure how much longer, but I can tell you why this is happening.

    Smoking stills the cilia in your lungs. They work like little brooms, sweeping out any nasty stuff. His have been stilled for a long time. All the tar build up has been allowed to just sit there and fester in his lungs. He has stopped smoking. The cilia can start sweeping again, and they are. He will be miserable for a while while his body tries to do its job. He may want to talk to his doctor about getting a little something to thin out the gunk in his lungs and help him cough it up. He probably wants an expectorant, not a cough suppressant.
    I hope he gets well soon.


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