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Stopping smoking: anyone done the Allen Carr program?

I’m a smoker.

It all started off when I was 15 trying to be cool. Now I’m 30 and its not so cool anymore. I’m smoking a packet a day and I’ve got a terrible cough.

I signed up for the Allen Carr program at the end of the month.

Anyone have any experience?

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One Response to “Stopping smoking: anyone done the Allen Carr program?”

  1. Charles D said :

    I smoked for 20 years and smoked 4 packs a day. I used the will power method. It was
    hard but I quit cold turkey. That was the only thing that worked for me. I just made up my
    mind that little stick was not going to defeat me or kill me. I hope you do quit because you will
    feel a lot better. Be careful because you appetitte will be enormous. Food will taste better
    and you will be able to breathe better.


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