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Besides Quitting smoking and stopping using credit, what is one thing you have done that saved you money?

I put those two because they were the most obvious

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12 Responses to “Besides Quitting smoking and stopping using credit, what is one thing you have done that saved you money?”

  1. Adam B said :

    .Last week I asked my mortgage company if they had any better rates… The chap instantly said, ‘yes, do you want to go onto a lower interest rate deal?’
    Duhh! such a ‘no brainer’ question, I asked what is the catch… ‘None’ was the reply, ‘only that it will save you £160 per month’.
    He swapped me to the cheaper rate without any costs or penalties, it took 3 days for a form to come and be returned, and I am now better off to the equivalent of having an instant £2600 pay rise.

    Sometimes it just pays to ask!!!

  2. mrs reznor said :

    stop going to starbucks every freaking day

  3. Mr. Know It All said :

    Stop going out to eat, cut out the ‘energy’ drinks, stop buying scratch off lottery tickets, buy the machine and roll your own ciggies.

  4. 3am said :

    Moved away from California to Berlin, Germany.

  5. qldtallman said :

    Same, I make my own esspresso at work. Saves about $500 a year. And I get better coffee.

  6. jeckha said :

    Take my own lunch to work, make lists when shopping and stick to it!! Cut out unnecessary spending. Also obvious but it works.

  7. Mel said :

    less dunken dounuts coffees and dining out less

  8. madi_chan said :

    Some advice I read recently is: make a list of all your expenses (food, utilities etc), then subtract that from your pay. What is left over is put into the bank (in a savings account) as soon as you get paid.

    One point though is make sure you give yourself a bit of spending money otherwise you will dip into the amount you have saved from your pay.

    Also set up the account so that you can’t access with an ATM/EFTPOS card.

  9. max_rochny said :

    Jabe, when you buy food or dry products, buy them in volume. Cereal,toilet paper, tissue,etc..

  10. engineer50 said :

    Have money automatically deducted from your paycheck or checking account and deposited in savings.

  11. terribrooke said :

    Hubby and I have stopped eating out as often. We only allow ourselves 2 meals out a month. That includes actually dining out and going through the drive thru of a fast food restaraunt.
    I also set my direct deposit up that every payday, I have $20 put into a savings account instead of going with the rest of my check into my checking account. It’s not a lot, but it works for now.

  12. heybulldog said :

    I do a written budget every month.


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