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anyone know how to loss fat fast, or any the diet program?

I want some reasonable answer then you’ll get 10 points
I need some kind of product that real no gym and surgery, only manual Guides so I can implemented at Home not a lecture or consultations that I get !! REAL SOLUTION!

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7 Responses to “anyone know how to loss fat fast, or any the diet program?”

  1. Kate said :

    Check out this website. It has many helpful tips.

  2. Alisa said :

    if you like you can try THE DSP .or diet solution program this program offer the best diet solution and almost every peoples that try this program satisfy with the result 🙂

  3. StonedGamer33 said :

    eating one meal a day like at 300 pm that’s it ive been doing for 4 months and 22 days

  4. Alya said :

    I want to help you without lust of any points. If you are crazy to loose weight fast I can give you golden tip to decrease your calories intake instead of dieting and increase your calories consumption by physical fitness workouts. for more details you are invited

  5. Shikha said :

    Losing fat fast means you want to regain it again.Have more patient approach.Try to acquire healthy lifestyle with moderate restrictions in fatty and sweet food items.Before going for any type of crash program please visit..

  6. [email protected] said :

    P90X worked perfectly for me email me if you want the videos (so you don’t have to pay hundred of dollars)

  7. Geoffrey said :

    Hello there. I am based in the UK and we are really getting the American syndrome here as far as over weight and obesity goes.
    Although I used to drill my self in early days, I am now 57 years young, I obviously did slack of at one time. I have been through Herbalife and other formula diets. Weight Watchers is a real pain but ok for someone that is weak in maths. (they do more counting than they do eating), hours in the gym with all the posers that can’t walk by a mirror without observing their muscles and puckering their lips, big No No!
    At the end of the day it’s all down to nutrition. If you are eating crap you will look crap, period. That don’t mean you can’t eat what you want to eat. There is no reason what so ever to punish yourself if you want to lose weight. Discipline is the magic word. Eat what you want but also know, how much to eat, when to eat, how to eat it!
    I studied natural medicine in the German Paracelsus School for 3 years and I claim to know what does or does not allow us Humans to function properly.
    Above all the physical stuff comes the Mindset!
    “All that we are, is the result of what we have thought.”
    This is the way forward…


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