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Fat Loss 4 Idiots diet – anyone try this?

I’ve been reading a lot about this diet called Fat Loss 4 Idiots and was wondering if anyone has tried it and what were your results?

Some of the claims sound too good to be true, but the actual science behind the calorie shifting sort of makes sense. I just don’t want to waste my time and money jumping into something that doesn’t work, so any honest feedback on this diet is greatly appreciated!

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3 Responses to “Fat Loss 4 Idiots diet – anyone try this?”

  1. babygirl said :

    well i suggest you try cutting back on your intake and eat more veggies. Why? every diet does not work for everyone. For sure if you change you diet (no soda, no diet soda, juice full of sugar, low starch, carbs) you will do just fine please drink some water and most of all DO NOT EAT AND SLEEP, OR SLOUCH ON THE SOFA / BAD CHOICES.

  2. Mutya P said :

    I never do calorie shifting. I just eat normally but on how to lose weight…. Get rid of CARBONATED DRINKS, COFFEE/TEA, SWEETS, FATTY AND SPICY FOOD. Drink 12-15 glasses of water for 3 months. Coz I lose weight from 75 kilos to 62 kilos in 3 months. Now I am on my 4th year and 5 months of maintaining my weight from 56 kilos to 58 kilos nowadays. If I can, YOU CAN 🙂

  3. Erin S said :

    Yep, it works. My husband and I are currently following the Fat Loss4 Idiots diet. I have been on it for almost 2 months and have lost 23 pounds. My husband started about 1 month ago and has lost at least 10 pounds.

    The part I like about this diet is that I never feel hungry. That is a huge deal to me since I love to eat and I do not believe a person can deprive themselves for a long period of time. The diet is based on what is called calorie shifting. This basically means you need to eat specific foods in specific patterns in order to optimize fat burning. I am probably not explaining this part of it perfectly, I just know that it works and I plan on continuing to eat like this.

    Hope this helps. I also posted a link to the blog that got me interested in Fat Loss 4 Idiots. There is some eye-opening info there that talks about how to speed up your metabolism, why most fad diets do not work, etc. Enjoy!


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