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My wife wants to try fat loss 4 idiots, Idiot proof diet. Anyone have any success with this diet program?

My wife needs to lose about 30 pounds and actually I could lose a few pounds myself. I think she looks find the way she is, but she is determined to lose those extra pounds. She heard about a diet called fat loss for idiots on a diet review blog.

If anyone has had good results following fat loss 4 idiots diet?
Is this diet really easy to follow and stick to it?
Did you gain the weight back fast, after you stopped using the diet?

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3 Responses to “My wife wants to try fat loss 4 idiots, Idiot proof diet. Anyone have any success with this diet program?”

  1. Ilda said :

    I’m actually currently on this diet and have to say that I’ve never had success anywhere else. I’ve lost 7lb in the last 11 days and to be fair, I feel so much better.

    Even though the website might make it feel that it’s just another diet that won’t work, I do suggest you give it a try. Even though, I did buy the diet generator and handbook when it was a lot cheaper, it’s worth the investment.

    Plus, the food you eat isn’t exactly terrible, you get to eat the foods YOU like. Which is fantastic and exercise is pretty much optional. The main thing is that you eat 4 meals a day, and that’s not too hard. After that, you get 3 days of eating whatever you want… which is bliss. So, I’m going to keep on with this diet regime.

    Anyway, it’s really up to you, I found with the large amount I have to lose that the diet is doing wonders:)

  2. Tim M said :

    Eat smaller regular meals.

  3. Andrea said :

    I lost 15lbs & my man lost 35. I write down everything I eat & drink and keep the calories between 700 & 1000 per day. It can be done and I’m not hungry. My man cut out ALL carbs. We’re both still losing. He weighs 352 & I weigh 176! YAY! Good luck to you both.


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