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FAT LOSS FOR IDIOTS – is this a good diet?

I desperately want to lose weight – I’ve come across this diet and would like to know it’s success rate.
Have you tried it? – Did you lose weight?

Only reply if you’ve actually been on the diet – please.

I know exercise is what I need, and to eat healthily etc – but I want to know about this diet!!!!!

Thank you

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2 Responses to “FAT LOSS FOR IDIOTS – is this a good diet?”

  1. sightbringer said :

    They have now found that calorie intake and amount of food you eat is a bigger culprit for obesity today and exercise is not going to help you lose weight. We need to exercise our bodies to burn fat, and calories and keep muscle but if you gorge yourself for dinner every night, exercise will not help you shed the pounds as much.

    I have never heard of this diet but it doesn’t mean it can’t work. The only problem with a diet is that you have to want to do it and you have to make it a lifestyle to continue it. Going on diets to lose a few pounds is ok but when you stop the diet are you gaining weight in between?

    Good luck with it if this is the one you choose.

  2. Virgina S said :

    Exercise is just as important as calorie intake when it comes to losing weight. There’s plenty of excellent guidance for exercise on the site in the box below. I lost 6 pounds by doing as they advised.


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