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Is my diet good for fat loss mostly belly fat?

1 cup oat meal in the moring. then lunch carrots celery and a apple.then for dinner veggie soup i excrise for 1 hour when i wake up
45min on excrise bike then a 150 sit up/crunches sorry about my spelling

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4 Responses to “Is my diet good for fat loss mostly belly fat?”

  1. Heather T said :

    Do not do more than 3 sets of 20 crunches a day. Anymore will just be surplus stress on the muscles you do not need (according to 3 different trainers I spoke to). Your body will decide where to lose the weight, not just from your belly. Sorry.

  2. Edith said :

    That’s gain, not loss

  3. Cello Girl said :

    You need to add some lean meat into your diet as well. How about cooking up some eggwhites for breakfast. Then for lunch about 2 ounces of lean chicken or turkey. Tuna fish is good too if preserved in water, not oil. Lots of green vegetables are good, like broccoli or asparagas, and cucumbers. I believe a healthier way to diet is to eat 5 to 6 small meals during the day because that way your metabolism is boosted and you will loose fat. Look into that if you want, your plan sounds okay. Drink LOTS of water.

  4. jimmy said :

    You won’t lose the belly fat in a hurry….your body will begin to protect itself and start conserving fat tissues due to the starvation diet…


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