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Fat loss pill to merely boost an already good exercise + good diet routine?

Its not really a repeated question – most are like ‘what pill works ? ‘ kind… I am aware of basics and have read tons of articles. I am already on a good exercise + More-protein, Less Fat and Moderate Carbs diet plan since a month and half now. My results have been OK but not great. My goal is to cut down fat and build muscles ( so is everyone’s :-)..but still… )

Just curious which pill from say, GNC would act as a catalyst to achieve faster results on both fat loss and muscle gain? I dont expect the pill to do magic or push results on its own. But its hard to believe that they are a complete waste and a multi-billion dollar fraud industry is still intact and thriving baselessly…

Only so as to gain more motivation (by seeing more changes : basically my muscle gain would not show untill fat is cut down), I need something extra…and I guess there should be SOME pill out there to give that extra push to my exercise plan..


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2 Responses to “Fat loss pill to merely boost an already good exercise + good diet routine?”

  1. Tally said :

    Hi there. I’ve been taking Advocare products for about two years now. The first year, I lost a ton of weight (I needed to!!!), and lost double-digit inches. They have a product actually called Catalyst that helped cut me down and they have muscle support products as well. I’ve seen (actually met them…not just read a testimonial) people who were out of shape and overweight and are now totally ripped. They look incredible! I’m not there yet, but I’d back their products 100%. You’re welcome to contact me directly if you have any questions.

  2. Hyphycalistar said :

    Yes there is lots of different types of supplements to take out there… Choose one that will supplement your workout as well as help loose excess weight.. I recommend ( Ripped Fuel) works like a charm..! Lost 5 lbs in a week easliy and I was already in good shape…! But make sure u stay Hydrated when taking supplements.. they tend to dehydrate you faster.. Good luck!


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