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Is diet more important than exercise for fat loss?

From my research in this field I’m led to believe that yes, a strict diet intake is much more important to fat loss than exercise (be it cardio or anaerobic).

P.S. – I avoided the “Diet and Fitness” category because it’s full of spammers

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15 Responses to “Is diet more important than exercise for fat loss?”

  1. Jeremaih Smith said :

    I think a good diet is better for weight loss, because I have a good diet and I`ve been losing some weight. But if you want muscles then I guess you should exercise, or both diet and exercise. But since I`ve just been on a diet and not working out as much I guess it works.

  2. good gesser said :

    I have come to the same conclusion – If you eat bad fatty foods you have to work out just to stay level. And sugars are loaded into everything – the body craves and stores that stuff as part of your survival instinct. The more uncooked vegetables etc the better!

  3. SethSpeaks said :

    You are exactly wrong. I know because I have struggled with weight all my life. I have lost well over 100 lbs and still losing. I have found through diet after diet and various weight loss plans and so on that the thing that causes long lasting and rapid weight loss is exercise. When I don’t exercise, the weight loss is agony. When I do exercise, I don’t have to watch every calorie at all, I can eat a normal three meals of healthy foods and still lose quite well. Movement is the key, not what you are eating. Junk food will prevent weight loss.. but I’m talking real foods not in a box. I’m not saying you have to work out like a maniac, but if you don’t move, you will have to get down to starvation rations to lose anything. You can’t live like that too long before you snap and star gobbling down whatever you can get your hands on.

  4. ? said :

    I am not agree to this research. I think, exercise is more important than diet to loss your weight. But balance diet is also necessary.

  5. Susan Yarrawonga said :

    Dieting is generally far more effective than exercise for weight loss but nevertheless exercise also helps.

  6. michael said :

    yes, you have to know which foods are best for you to eat to help you lose weight.

  7. Sinisa Mitrovic said :

    This is the diet plan used by the world’s best bodybuilders and top figure models.
    This fat-burning program is the real deal..

  8. John Hawkins said :

    You really have to have a combination and happy medium of both.
    They go hand in hand.

    You’ve got to look at your body like a motor car. Fuel in movement out

    Think on these lines and you will not go far wrong

  9. john said :

    Fat loss is determined by the amount of fat in the food you eat, the best way to loose fat is to build muscle with weight excercise

  10. ramon f said :

    You have tried so many differnt diets,but nothing worked.

  11. Asd Rty said :

    Elite Weight Loss Package

  12. South said :

    It’s different for everyone. Some need better diet or less food, others need more exercise. Still others need some of both. The latter seems to be the best idea for me.

  13. Happy 2011 said :

    They are equally important for maximized fat loss results. You can get fat loss with one or the other, but the two can work synergistically for best results.

  14. Sandra Lasater said :

    both are important but found diet with only 45 min of exercise per week. good fat burner

  15. Christopher Cliff said :

    They are both important but I would recommend getting you diet organised first.


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