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Is this a good workout routine for fat loss?

I have lost weight and now i am trying to get off that acces fat that stays on you 🙁

Monday: HIIT
Tuesday: Low intensity cardio + Strength training
Wednesday: HIIT
Thursday: Low intensity cardio + Strength training
Friday: HIIT
Saturday: Low intensity cardio + Strength training
Sunday: Off.

Is this a good workout? What can i do to improve it if there is a need to.
I will include a low carb, high protein diet. 🙂

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3 Responses to “Is this a good workout routine for fat loss?”

  1. KGB said :

    What you got here is a great start. I would do about 20 mins. of cardio and the rest strength training. Of course a proper diet should be followed, but not until at least the second week. This is done because the body will be fored to burn up what energies (the fats before the work out decision). Doing this is like a warm up for your body, it will see that activities are rising and dump more fuel, that CRAPPY fuel. It will begin to catch on still dumping the crappy fuel. After a couple weeks your body will be so hungry for good fuel. WHen that happens you take off like a rocket. Trust me I did this in Iraq in OIF 2 and again in fall of 2008 when I went back to school

  2. entersandlady said :

    Firstly, you should do your strength training before your low intensity cardio.

    Secondly, are you doing full body workouts?? If not – you should be! as well as that, they should be compound movements and not isolation movements.

    Thirdly, give a list of what you are actually planning to do in your strength training. That we people will be able to judge more on if your program is good or not.

  3. Konstantin said :

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