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What would a good workout routine for gaining muscle mass and getting well defined muscles?

Taking Supplements like protein shakes with high protein and low carbs help for gaining muscle and getting ripped?

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5 Responses to “What would a good workout routine for gaining muscle mass and getting well defined muscles?”

  1. Chris (Try to Relax...) said :

    You have to do both cardio -and- calisthenics if you want both muscle mass and definition.

    As a simple rule of thumb, cardio gives definition and calisthenics give muscle mass.

    So for gaining muscle mass, I’d say do weight lifting. Do large amounts of weight for a small number of reps. Then go for a run for the “rippitiness” (making up words because I’m sleepy). Or you could switch them around. You get the general idea.

    Also, to increase muscle definition (but not mass) you can do small amounts of weight for MANY reps.

  2. $Larry$ said :

    1. Don’t eat all that crappy junk food. You look smarter choosing something healthy and in better shape. A few McDonald’s here and there aren’t so bad. Eat Vegetables and fruits. Have healthy low calorie snacks in between meals when your hungry.

    2. For working out, You don’t really need any hardcore equipment, but for faster results, that would be the best idea. I’ve tryed many ab equipment,

    3. Try new workouts monthly, so that your body won’t get used to just one workout.

    4. Before you ever work out, always stretch to get blood flowing through your muscles. Its a good habit and greatly increases your performance towards your work out. Also, do a quick warm up. Like a little jog. Thats really helps. You should also look at vitamins to help you.

    P.S- I take Cytogainer, its a huge bucket of protien. I perfer it, but it is very expensive. I know there is better stuff at a cheaper price though.

  3. daisuki.angel said :

    =/ it won’t help a lot first you need to drink A LOT of water you divide your weight with 16 and the result is what you should drink. Don’t forget it depends on your age and your gender. I recommed you start jogging , to build some resistance and then go into a gym. Don’t count too much on the suplements , concentrate on the dof groups better , it will help you lose weight and , in the long run , get healthy and don’t worry if the results don’t appear right away . You don’t need to overwork it , start easy on the gym don’t over do it even if you think you can , because you’re likely to give up earlier because of the muscular pain.

  4. Mr.what said :

    Whoa listen to me if you wanna get massive it’s gonna take years. like 2 at least for people to tell that you pump iron.

    Here is my work out schedule.

    I can give you a quick run down of what you need to do, and You can research the specific way to perform the workouts on your own, it would take too long to actually describe the process of each movement.

    **You do four sets with a weight you can’t do more than 10 repetitions for each exercise. It’s highly recommended you slowly increase the weight, focus on form, and keep the repetitions at 4 or more.**

    Remember, it’s all about form, keeping everything smooth and controlled. A slow negative, and a faster positive.

    1) Day 1- Chest/back

    Flat bench press, Incline bench press/Rows, pull downs(or pull ups)

    2) Day 2- Arms Biceps/Triceps

    Straight bar curls, hammer curls/Tricep extensions(Palm down) Tricep extensions*aka*Kickbacks(palm up.) And Tricep extensions(Palm Sideways) -it’s essential to work all 3 pieces of the tricep.

    3) Day 3- Legs

    Leg extensions, Leg curls, Calves, Squats. (Abductor and Adductors also.)

    4) Day 4- Rest.

    Now for definition, that is a combination of muscle size and low fat. Cardio or high repetitions have absolutely nothing to do with definition. You’ll need to lower your body fat, which means you need to have HIGH Carbohydrates, Medium Protein, and LOW fat. 65% of your diet should be carbohydrates. 20% should be protein, and 15% or less should be fat.

    Don’t listen to this “low carb” shit. because honestly, excuse my language it’s bull shit. It is VERY bad for your body and your brain. You need a lot of carbohydrates for building muscle and fueling your body and mind. fat is useless, the only fat you need is poly and mono unsaturated fat. Those fats clean your arteries and drastically reduce heart problems.

    and naturally, water is extremely important, don’t chug a gallon in an hour or something you’ll actually die. just drink several glasses of water throughout the day. a very large percentage of muscles are water and you need water for maximum muscle growth.

  5. kinida69 said :


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