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A good fat loss workout for a 13 year old?

I need a toning/fat loss workout for a 13 year old male. I was wondering if i should do 1-2 muscles a day or if i should work the whole body when i weight train?

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7 Responses to “A good fat loss workout for a 13 year old?”

  1. oibenoi said :


  2. dylkan said :

    treadmill to lose fat and eat healthy
    working on muscles wont necessarily make u thinner, it will make u stronger. do cardio and abs exercises.

  3. Garry said :

    eat only marshmellows. and do 5 jumping jacks a day. i’m serious it works.

  4. Bre said :

    Okay, here’s my tip; diet is often more more important than the actual excercise. I suggest eating healthy (fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy, and water). Also, make sure you eat a lot of spices.

  5. Elizabeth Tudor said :

    I’m 13 too 😀


    but im a girl though.

    so i ran 4 laps a day. i ate healthy. i still ate junk food but i controlled myself on that by eating less junk food. like only eating it when you’re really really craving it where you’ll die without it. but unless you’re craving it all the time then that’s a problem.

    but i still eat whatever i want though. just dont eat foods that are too greasy. it just messes up your whole diet thing. i didnt neccesarily work out. i exercised and also my coach made me work out i guess for cheerleading so we wouldnt get fat. we had 5-6 hour practices for 2 weeks in a row. 4-5 days in a week. we ran at every practice though

    um. do a little push-ups. if you’re lazy do girl push ups. do squats n stuff.

    but my point is, just do things that will help you build muscle. its better than being fat right?

    i lost 4 pounds of fat within a month. like 3 weeks.

    good luck!

  6. Marah xx said :

    eat healthily and eat apples between meals when hungry.. eat breakfast well.. go joggin or swimming etc. but dont do any workout like carrying weights coz u wont grow taller.. wait till ur 16 to do those stuff

  7. Randall E said :

    Variety of activities, that way you can work your legs and then keep going by doing something that works the arms – bike 7-8 miles or 5-6 hilly miles and then go to the gym and do swimming or upper body lifting.

    And eat right. Maybe not less but right. You know what that means.


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