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whats a good exercise routine that will assure real fat loss all over my body?

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8 Responses to “whats a good exercise routine that will assure real fat loss all over my body?”

  1. jbmich said :

    Aerobic exercises are the best for burning fat.

  2. xpditeme said :

    This is what i do basically every other day.
    40 pushups
    60 crunches
    run around the block
    30 pushups
    50 crunches
    run around the block
    20 pushups
    40 crunches
    run around the block

  3. Pablo G said :

    swimming is a great exercise you can do. It works a lot of areas of your body. Start of slowly and work your way up to maybe 50 laps around the pool.

  4. Charlie C said :


    Therapeutic effects of laughter

    Main article: Gelotology#Types of therapy

    While it is normally only considered cliché that “laughter is the best medicine,” specific medical theories attribute improved health, increased life expectancy, and overall improved well-being, to laughter.

    A study demonstrated neuroendocrine and stress-related hormones decreased during episodes of laughter, which provides support for the claim that humour can relieve stress. Writer Norman Cousins wrote about his experience with laughter in helping him recover from a serious illness in 1979’s Anatomy of an Illness As Perceived by the Patient. In 1989, the Journal of the American Medical Association published an article, wherein the author wrote that “a humor therapy program can increase the quality of life for patients with chronic problems and that laughter has an immediate symptom-relieving effect for these patients, an effect that is potentiated when laughter is induced regularly over a period”. [3]

    Some therapy movements like Re-evaluation Counseling believe that laughter is a type of “bodily discharge”, along with crying, yawning and others, which requires encouragement and support as a means of healing.

  5. Ivan M said :

    jogging, sprinting, cardio classes at your local gym. keep in mind that the ONLY way to loose weight is to burn more than you take in. the less you take in and the more you exersize, the better results you will have.

    if anybody tells you there is a miracle pill, or perfect exersize plan or diet to follow, they’re wrong. the only way to loose weight is to burn more than you eat. (the fat will take care of itself) =] hope that helps

  6. b4k4x4 said :

    running, biking, etc…cardio will drop fat everywhere. spot exercises don’t work, meaning, for example, sit ups will not burn belly fat, just increase stomach/core muscle size. treadmill, stationary bikes, etc. Also diet is as much a part of it, watch what you eat, and DON’T starve yourself.

  7. FryLock said :


  8. mansionghost said :

    Have you treid this excerise video


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