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is salsa good for you? in fat loss diet?

is it good for your health and does it affect fat-loss diet?

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4 Responses to “is salsa good for you? in fat loss diet?”

  1. Kite08 said :

    hell yeah…all that movin…

  2. jenlb0107 said :

    I eat homemade salsa as a dressing on my salads with some grilled chicken! I know in the salsa I have it’s about 25 cals/ 2 tbs. The salsa I eat has black beans in it which are really good for you and reduce bloating. Of course all the other vegetables in salsa are good for you too! I would check the nutrition labels on salsa if you’re looking to just buy a jar from the grocery store.

    P.S. Don’t listen to Erge G… this person posts the same thing on several weight loss questions


    Salsa is good for you because it helps your
    digestive system and if it’s really spicy it speeds up your

  4. sarge927 said :

    Salsa is good for you, but be warned: Salsa is 100% carbs unless it has beans in it (then it’ll have some protein), and carbs are VERY EASILY converted to fat by your body. Too much salsa will equal extra flab on your frame, especially if you eat it with chips (which are also 100% carbs). You don’t have to cut salsa out, but go easy on it.


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