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What is a good fat burner or weight loss pill for women?

I know they aren’t good for me, you don’t need to tell me.I was wondering what you have taken and have you seen results. Thank you

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7 Responses to “What is a good fat burner or weight loss pill for women?”

  1. Heather N said :

    Stay away from diet pills – do some cardio! Its heart healthy and help you lose weight.

  2. MrsChief said :

    Be careful of people trying to sell you something on here. They sit and wait for questions like this. I asked a question about acai berry and got a similar answer to one of yours.

  3. lil' one said :

    I’ve used Herbalife products and they work wonders. Not only did I get to the weight I wanted, but I also feel a lot more energized throughout the day. They were recommended to me by a friend, who’s also lost a lot of weight with them

  4. transformation02 said :

    Their are better ways to burn fat and lose weight, you’d be adding to the 18billion dollar+industry and that’s all you’ll be doing to no avail. If you workout, training properly on a great put together plan, you can use supplements to support that plan, to build muscle mass, which burns fat…..but again, you’d waste your time and money, if you don’t learn how to put that affective plan together.

    Yahoo Group: TransFormation02

  5. Barry said :

    The good fat burner is exercise and yoga leave fast food. I have tried lipo-6 it is also a fat burner and very effective You can try it.

  6. Linda Marcus said :

    Previously i’ve taken so many diet pills & supplements. Yes it’s true that some of the damned pills have gave me a positive results but not for long until my health start to deteriorate. I’ve been warded for quite a numbers of time for high-blood pressure and difficulty to concentrate. Once i stop taking the pills, my health dramatically improved but unfortunately my weight reversed back to where i start. I think it’s not ethical naming the pills here.
    Please avoid taking any diets pills cause the side-effect may finally outweigh the benefit.The trick to reduce weigh is using your own metabolism and i manage to maintain my ideal weight until now.

  7. Brian C said :

    Sarah, I would stay away from weight loss pills and avoid them completely instead. You see, the weight loss supplement industry benefits from their product hardly working; enough to see very small results, but not enough to solve your problems. Why? Because if they solved your problem, you wouldn’t keep re-purchasing their product, now would you? These supplements are usually so ineffective that you would have been better off at a cost to time spent ratio to just do a little exercise.

    Instead, I’ll try to offer you some different advice. First, if you have found that you couldn’t stick to a regular exercise plan, then you need a change of activities and mindset. Instead, find something that is both fun for you and involves moving around. It doesn’t matter if it is the “best” workout, as long as it motivates you to keep going.

    If you are looking for a diet, I have heard some great things so far about calorie shifting. I would like to note that I have not tried it myself, but you can read about it below and make your own decision.

    I hope this helps Sarah, and hopefully you lose that weight whichever path you decide taking.


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