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start your diet vs. fat loss 4 idiots?

Has anybody tried either start your or fat loss 4 to lose weight? I’m trying to lose 20 pounds for a vacation and Ive been dieting but i cant seem to lose the weight. Ive seen in the internet that these two websites are really good but i want to take it from someone who has already tried it. Please tell me your experience if you have tried it. thank you.

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One Response to “start your diet vs. fat loss 4 idiots?”

  1. SalvadorD said :

    A lot of people are having good success with Fat Loss 4 Idiots. It is one of the best selling fat loss and diet programs on the net today and it sold over 600,000 copies in 2008 so it must be pretty good.

    Here’s a pretty involved review of it that explains in detail how it works:


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