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Has anyone used the e-diet: Fat loss 4 idiots? Are there any hidden costs? does it work?

I have seen this diet on line, it sounds interesting, but lately it seems like once you buy something, you get hit up to buy the rest of the package to make it work the best.

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2 Responses to “Has anyone used the e-diet: Fat loss 4 idiots? Are there any hidden costs? does it work?”

  1. trainer53 said :

    e diet is ok, fat loss 4 idiots is not good, they have this goofy idea of why people eat and when, just a little strange tweek to it, I don’t really like it.

  2. David said :

    When you eat unhealthy for such a long time, your blood changes in such a way that it cannot carry toxins and heavy metals out of the body. Also unhealthy eating results in unhealthy excretory organs. If the body cannot get rid of waste then it stores them in fat bone and muscle which can fool people into thinking that they are over fat, but rather over toxic. The body stores them to keep them from damaging organs and out of circulation. Also heavy metals and toxins all carry a positive charge so the body considers them to be electrolytic, so the body will store more water which just makes you look even fatter.

    Trick is in most cases get rid of the toxins and heavy metals and you will find the weight will come of extremely quickly even without excercising. The body will do anything to get healthy given half a chance and it sees toxins as extremely unhealthy.

    What happens is eat healthy (lots of raw vegetables) and it changes the blood and organs in a way that that it can start to get rid of toxins in the blood at the particular time. In the body things move from high concentration to low concentration. Get rid of toxins in the blood and guess what you have low concentration in the blood and high concentration in fat, bone and muscle so they end up coming out and as long as you keep eating healthy the exchange will continue to take place.

    Good thing for you is the fat stores seem to go first then muscle then bone.

    The best thing to do is eat lots of raw vegetables. I cant stand raw vegetables but I love them when they are all blended up with some all natural fruit juice.

    Avoid as many toxins as possible.

    You want to get your blood more alkaline, if you are fat then you can bet your acidic.

    Visit this site: Its easily the best

    Depening on how fat you are its really not good to do intense hard workouts, it can indirectly make you even fatter. As you produce lactic acid the body uses alkaline stores to carry it out of the body, so if your short on stores in the first place its only making matters worse. For the time being dont do anything that makes you out of breath. The body wants to be healthy and if your struggling to breath then thats your bodys way of telling you that it is struggling to remove the lactic acid you have produced, its telling you to slow down. (breathing is one of the body’s ways to maintain ph balance in the blood) you will learn all this when you visit the website.

    Also the best thing about eating not just healthy foods but alkaline forming foods is the body night and day even when you sleep, especially when you sleep will be detoxifying itself, hence losing weight.

    Aslo it increases your energy levels, heavy metals displace magnesium, muscles need magnesium to contract, so eliminate heavy metals and then magnesium can get to it’s binding site resulting in more potentially expendable energy.

    Bottom line get healthy by eating healthy and the body will by itself asap get back to a healthy weight range which is deemed attractive to the human mind.

    Iam a personal trainer and am a health nut so i know what im talking about.

    There is a product I endorse, I do not make any money of it, I just get credited for the sale. Its an amazing product for detoxifying the body. You can get it at wholesale price at:


    email me for more info and/or references

    Also email me for a simple easy procedure you can do at home that will drastically improve your health.

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