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does fat loss for idiots really work?

how does this work . anyone had real fast results? is it easy and effective?

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One Response to “does fat loss for idiots really work?”

  1. Carla M said :

    I was really skeptical of this diet when I first heard about it. Someone I work with was doing it and I decided to give it a shot. I did it for a while and lost some weight but just kind of forgot about it.
    Two years later after having my son, I needed to lose a lot of weight. I started the fat loss for idiots on May 12. Today, Oct. 5, I have lost 50 lbs and I am still losing weight.
    Here is how it works. There is a list of foods that you can pick from. You pick a certain number from each column and the program automatically generates an 11 day menu for you. You eat four times a day with at least 2.5 hours between each mean. It really doesn’t get any easier than this. You follow the diet for 11 days and then you take three days off and can eat whatever you want.
    If you follow it closely and exactly as the plan says, it will work. Sometimes the weight would come off fast than other times but it is still working for me after 5 months.
    I have read mixed reviews about it. Some people say that they don’t like it because it is too strict and hard to follow. I completely disagree with that. You diet for 11 days and then there are 3 days when you can eat whatever you want. In the beginning, I longed for those 3 days. Now I have learned to make healthier choices on those three days. There is nothing more motivating than stepping on the scale every morning and seeing that I lose a pound.
    By the way, it isn’t just water weight that I lost. There is no way that I was carrying 50 lbs of water weight. I am actually also on a managed weight loss program and part of that is a regular body fat check. I have already dropped body fat.
    In summary, to answer your questions:
    Yes I have had fast results. It is very easy (as long as you can fight the temptation to “cheat” because that will ruin a whole day of dieting. And yes, it is very effective.
    Good luck. I hope that you have as much luck as I have.


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