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does interval training really work for fat loss?

do you have any personal experience or know anyone with success storys?

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One Response to “does interval training really work for fat loss?”

  1. magneticweb said :

    Hi Karl,

    I have known people to lose weight through interval training, but there are a couple of rules to observe if you are not to waste your time.

    A lot depends on where you’re starting from. If you’re obese and never normally do any exercise you have to approach fat loss in a different way from someone who is already fairly fit.

    The secret is not to start too suddenly. This is a mistake many people make and they just cannot keep it going. Start gradually, even what might seem at first sight ridiculously slowly, and gradually increase the number of reps or whatever exercise you are doing, and decrease the interval between each.

    If you’ve spent years doing little or no exercise at all then the step to doing even a very few light exercises is a massive one. Your body adjusts itself to cope with prevailing conditions. If it’s cold it produces “goose pimples”. If it’s hot you perspire in order to try and cool down.

    It’s the same with weight. Your body can cope with excess weight if no other kind of stress (e.g. exercise) is placed upon it. Once it realizes it is being subjected to regular demands of it in the form of exertion of one kind or another then it will gradually adjust its weight (i.e. shed excess fat) to cope with the new situation.

    So yes, it does work, but take it gradually and be patient. It will take a little time to see real results. If you feel you have a problem then of course seek the advice of a doctor or fitness expert.

    I hope this answer helps you in your efforts to lose weight.


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