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is interval training more effective for fat loss than constant cardio?

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4 Responses to “is interval training more effective for fat loss than constant cardio?”

  1. miss.alocin said :

    Technically yes. Constant cardio at the same or similar level will raise your heart beat to one level and keep it there for a while but will slowly decrease as you get used to that level.

    Interval training however, raises your heart beat at unpredicted intervals which almost tricks your body into working harder for longer because there is no consistent pattern to rely on.

  2. Justin S said :

    Doesn’t matter. They will burn the same amount of calories, it’s just that one does it faster. If you want to burn calories fast, do high intensity interval training. On the other hand, if you want to burn it slowly, just do some incline walking for 45 min. The key to making sure you are burning fat is eating enough. Make sure you are eating your recommended daily amount of calories. I personally do both of them, because I get bored of it after a while.

  3. JT said :

    A number of recent studies have shown that interval training burns more calories, although both ways are effective. I am a trainer and utilize the interval method with a few group classes and it has had positive results.

    You need to be on a 30:30 second work:rest ratio or 1:1 min. If you go with 30 seconds, you need to try to go all out for the 30 seconds to get the most benefit. You want to utilize large muscles like your legs to maximize caloric burn.

  4. Lynn[: said :

    cardio is the way to go =]


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