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Interval Training Benefits for fat loss?

Just wandering what are the benefits for weight loss with interval training? Is it quicker? Can I afford to have a day off for rest?

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4 Responses to “Interval Training Benefits for fat loss?”

  1. Paul said :

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  2. Dario Alexander said :

    You should always take a day off in between to allow your muscles to recuperate.

  3. Sariah Caldwell said :

    This may help

  4. john johnson said :

    Interval training is great for your cardiovascular system and your heart. It can help increase your stamina, training levels, and various other things. I completely recommend interval training. It’s not necessarily quicker, since you don’t spend a huge amount of time at higher levels. And if you are newer to working out, or are going at higher intensities, taking recovery days is very important to the process. It gives your body time to adapt to the stresses put upon it and allow any muscle tissue to be repaired. Protein will help with that also.


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