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is long distance or interval running better for fat loss?

i want my abs to be more cut, and im having trouble burning off the extra fat. My training for awhile has been warming up with basketball at the gym, then running 3 miles which is about 20 minutes, and then i like to play a little more basketball after.
This routine doesnt seem to work anymore, it’s like my body’s just adapted to it.
what should i do?

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3 Responses to “is long distance or interval running better for fat loss?”

  1. CHRIS K said :

    long distance is the best…your body stores fats and wen you only run sprints, it uses immediate energy supply (like what you just ate)…but if you run for about 20 mins, those stores are used up and you begin to burn fat

  2. lv_consultant said :

    CHRIS K’s answer is 100% incorrect…

    the body does not “store” any nutrients when you exercise. insulin secretion is decreased and insulin action is increased. the body is able to metabolize glucose more efficiently with less insulin present. insulin is a storage hormone when it decreases so do fat storage. Second, exercise activates non-insulin mediated glucose transport pathways. These pathways are not sufficient to handle the load in the absence of insulin, but do increase the effective insulin efficiency.

    interval training like sprints are performed at a high level of intensity. when you exercise at >75% of the VO2Max the EPOC is increased. this is the amount of oxygen that the body uses to restore the body to the pre-exercise state. this elevates the fat burning process. depending on the duration of exercise this can be from 3-10 hours. distance running is performed at about 50% of the VO2Max this does not cause the same increase in the EPOC so the metabolic rate is not elevated as much after training.

    long distance running also decreases resting test levels which means cortisol levels are elevated. this means less muscle mass. every see a long distance runner with even remotely big muscles? this is why…

    training at >75% of the VO2Max will also cause a greater increase in serum growth hormone response. GH helps to mediate glucose transport during exercise and is also the most anti-catabolic compound that the human body produces.

    * Look at elite distance runners in the Olympics and elite sprinters. they follow the same diets, one is lean and very muscular the other is lean and not very muscular..

  3. Mike F. said :

    Both have their pros & cons…distance running will burn more calories by shear exercise-time. Intervals will burn addded calories from the muscle mass gains. I’d mix a bit of both into your routine. See the link below. Best of luck!

    – Mike


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