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Whats best for fat loss powerwalking or running?

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8 Responses to “Whats best for fat loss powerwalking or running?”

  1. yeah said :


  2. curiousg788 said :

    it is running, even if you are running really slow, u are burning up more fat, and u can work u to running faster even if you don’t run very fast right now.

  3. angela said :

    power walking with give you the same benefits as running without the stress on your knees~

  4. Jennifer G said :

    The simple answer is that running would burn more calories. Which in turn will allow you to lose more fat.
    (So long as you control caloric intake and spend enough time running.)

  5. PJ said :

    Running might burn more calories, but I think powerwalking is easier to get into, more sustainable, and you are less likely to sustain injuries. Running is hard on the knees, ankles, and feet.

  6. RachelS said :

    combo of the two. Run for a little, slow down, jog run again etc. I thought I could get away with speedwalking but, no I guess it does not do as much so back to the combo.

  7. Just Me said :

    Anything that gets your heart rate going. Both are cardio so either. Power walking is the one I choose because it is less stress on my knees and I feel I can exercise longer.

  8. pilly13shell said :

    Running does burn more calories. But not everyone can run. I have 2 bad knees & bad ankle. For me I strap my new born 13lb son to my chest and start walking at a generally fast past and don’t slow down. I do this 3x/wk. I was 236lbs when I got pregnant and now I’m 219lbs. My son is only 8wks and I didn’t start working on loosing the weight until a month ago. So strap some weight to yourself and head outside. If you wanna burn even more calories go to a park w/ a “backpacking” trail or at least a trail with a little bit of terrain. And don’t forget to eat all your fruits and vegetables. But don’t overeat. Eat smaller portions and then when you’re done wait for 15-20min. before thinking about getting a second helping. Human stomachs are retarded and don’t tell you right away when you’ve had enough. Trust me it works. I might not be a doctor or anything but this is working for me and it worked for me before I met my husband. LOL! Plus like my grandpa says, if you don’t eat you’ll loose weight. You never see fat people coming out of concentration camps. Just don’t take his words too literally. Good Luck!


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