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avoiding fat and sugar for a better weight loss?

I have avoided all fat and sugar contained foods to have a faster weight loss. I want to drop my weight in a short time. is it good? will it really help me to lose weight?

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2 Responses to “avoiding fat and sugar for a better weight loss?”

  1. Siri said :

    I think it’s a good idea but I find people who haven’t had fat or sugar in a long time suddenly binge on them. The key is moderation. If you’re in a sugar mood, treat yourself to a yoghurt or some fruit.

  2. el Rocky said :

    The key is to limit your intake of bad fats and sugars. Things like cookies and candy should only be consumed in small amounts. However, peanut butter and nuts (high in GOOD fat) and fruit (high in good sugar) are actually good for you because they consist of healthy fats and sugar. You still have to watch how much you eat, even of healthy foods, because too much of anything is bad.


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