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steady cardio AND interval training on alternate days for fat loss?

I know everyone says HIIT is best for fat loss, but i really don’t want to gain muscle in the process, so if i do steady cardio (which i hear can cause muscle atrophy) one day and then HIIT the next, would i still lose weight but not gain too much muscle? or is it pointless doing both, should i just stick to steady cardio for like 1 hour a day and also do weights?

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4 Responses to “steady cardio AND interval training on alternate days for fat loss?”

  1. tennislover said :

    If u dont want to gain muscle.. then your better off just doing cardio..
    but since u know too much cardio is not good.. expecialy when u dont weight train.. some weight training is great…

    so in this case.. if u weight train do high reps… and u will be alright…. 10-12 reps

    dont do cardio longer then 40 mins

  2. Barry Reilly said :

    Well, you are better off with the intervals, 20 – 30 minutes of intervals 2 – 3 times a week is enough. When doing weights you can stick with the 10- 12 rep range for 2- 3 sets. Be sure to do upper then lower body weight training and you will get lean without putting on much muscle, hope this helps

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  4. Darvis Simms said :

    Building and maintaining muscle is the best way to lose body fat, and stay lean over the long-term. That’s because, muscle is that component of your body that burns the most calories even when you are at rest. Too many long bouts of cardio can start to burn muscle, which is counterproductive to your fat loss efforts.


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