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Is strength training more effective for fat loss?

I’m 5’1 and 141 pounds. I would like to get down to a healthy weight, but I also want to be fit and a little more muscular than the average 15 year old girl. The problem is I’m afraid of beginning strength training because I fear if I gain muscle I’ll weigh more. I’m also afraid my doctor will weigh me soon and think it’s fat. What can I do? What’s best to lose all my fat?
Thanks, but I don’t eat animal flesh.

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6 Responses to “Is strength training more effective for fat loss?”

  1. Matthew said :

    get your doctor to do a fat percentage measurement and that way he will know its muscle.

    a combination of weights and cardio is the way to get a good body.

    do a weights session and then 20-30mins of cardio

    🙂 that will cut fat build muscle and make you smile big time.

    diet is very important dont eat white bread or pasta stick to whole mean grains. eat lots of fish and chicken too… protein protein protein

    have fun x

  2. Mrs Apple said :

    By doing cardio exercises at least 3 times a week at 60 minutes each time will help you lose fat. Resistance training will help you build muscle and definition so you can become stronger; you’ll also need to do this at least 3 times a week. If you want bulky muscles, you can work with weights that weigh at least 10 lbs each. Make sure you eat healthy and don’t eat any fried foods and foods with sugar in it. By cutting your calorie intake by 300-500 calories, you can lose 1-2 lbs a week with exercise.

  3. J said :

    Gonna give you 2 lnks. One is to a forum with workouts, the other is for a mealplan. Both are free. Who cares if you gain weight if you are lean and muscular? If your bodyfat tests lean and healthy and your weight is coming from lean muscle mass your Dr could in no way ethically tell you to lose weight. Its all about changing your body composition. If you look at the links i give you be sure and look in the workout program section, AND the cardio section. A weight routine from there and the right kind of cardio will burn fat off you and at least help you maintain muscle if not gain some. Be sure and get a good mealplan, not a diet, a mealplan to go with it and you will be sure to reach your goals if you do your part.

  4. Aucha said :

    Fat loss is a combination of things. But strength training will definitely help. I do a combination of cardio and strength training and it works wonders. Plus if you strengthen your muscles it’ll give you a leaner appearance! Which I know I love. Honeslty in my opinion don’t focus to much on weight. I never look at the scale anymore. I use a tape measure. Hope that helps!

  5. HelpfulAnswers said :

    You’ll weight more if you take in more calories than you burn, if you restrict your calorie intake you won’t have to worry about gaining muscle. You may find you have some decent muscle already when you lose the weight just because you’ve been carrying it around. Don’t shy away from strength training, make sure you get in your high intensity interval training a few times per week, and be careful with what you eat, that’s always my recommendation. The true “best” way is more tailored to your personal style and goalset though. This survey can help you find a good fat loss plan for you.

  6. William said :

    Join gym and consult with you gym instructor


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