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tell me seriously does following fat loss programs really work?

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4 Responses to “tell me seriously does following fat loss programs really work?”

  1. kanha said :

    Yes , It works

    I have some more informative blog that better guide you.

  2. Josh G said :

    It’s probably garbage. You can’t really tell because you don’t learn much about the program itself, but the marketing style is indicative of another scam.

  3. Thurman M said :

    Heres what people should do, 2 simple steps.

    Step 1: Ignore every single diet that you see. Grapfruit diet, cabbage soup diet, atkins, the zone, whatever you see ignore it.

    Step 2: Learn for yourself, how fat loss works.

    Why does a person put on fat ? How does a person lose fat ? What processes take place in the body for this to happen ? All of this information is online, its there to be learnt, its not that complicated.

    If people learnt this, they wouldnt need to go around following every silly diet. There is only one way for your body to lose fat, every single one of these diets is based around achieving this in different ways. Its all the same thing, if you learn what you need to achieve…you can choose for yourself the way you would most like to achieve that.

  4. randomthought said :

    You don’t want to enroll in any fat loss program that makes over hyped claims..

    If it’s too good to be true, that’s probably true.

    A good fat loss program should:
    -make moderate claims
    -have a money back guarantee (with no questions asked)
    -be successfully used by 1000s of people
    -have credible authors who have good credentials and use their methods successfully themselves

    Here is a site that does nothing but evaluate fitness programs. They might have some recommendations for you:


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