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Does the ECA stack remedy really work good for fat loss?

I was talking too a trainer at the local GNC and he said that there is such a thing called ECA stack, he told me i can try doing it, its taking a weight loss pill called lipo 6 which i purchased and take 2 lipo 6 pills and 1 asprin before my work out daily and it will give me the best results, and at the same time take lipo 6 as directed daily.
Is this true?

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One Response to “Does the ECA stack remedy really work good for fat loss?”

  1. billnad said :

    An ECA stack is a combination of Ephedrine, Caffeine, and Aspirin. The idea behind this is that the Ephedrine and caffeine will help you raise your metabolism and the aspirin works as a buffer.

    Ephedine was banned a couple of years ago when people taking it started having heart attacks, I would rather not go into whether this was stricly ephedrine related or not as it will start a flame war but that fact is that this is probably not the safest way to raise your metabolism anyway.

    This will work if you can get ephedrine or an ephedrine substitute but if you start getting too anxious or shaky then you would be best advised to cut back on the dosage.

    As for helping your workout. Wouldn’t coffee or some other safer stimulant work just as well?


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