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what are some good tips that really would work for losing some weight in like five or so days?

or if possible less days?

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3 Responses to “what are some good tips that really would work for losing some weight in like five or so days?”

  1. shadi said :

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  2. An angery apostate said :

    Mek stop spamming,
    and my advice is do a long walk, the next day the weight will burn, and just take it slow, walk 1 day rest the next, i.e dont walk so everty 2 days walk for 30mins – hour, that should do it, and drink plently water, it will help brak down foods, also if u want do it good, eat soup, it will digest slower so u less hungery and has less cals

  3. (8) !exersise junkie! (8) said :

    Losing weight is simple!
    Cardio and Nutrition that’s it.
    simple? yes! easy? Heck no!
    Your gonna need to eat 6 small meals (one every 2-3 hours) a day to keep your metabolism going and increase your fat burn potential, for eg. here’s what i did today:

    Breakfast; low fat wholegrain cereal and non fat milk
    snack: pink grapefruit
    lunch: low fat healthy homemade burger in wholemeal toast
    pre-workout: cereal for slow releasing carbs (lucozade body fuel would’ve been great too!)
    workout: a very intense 30min cross trainer cardio session that had my heart rate peaking at 200 (very good for me but bad for you, your’s should be between 130-170 depending on your athletic capabilities for atleast thirty mins) this is the fat burn zone.
    post-workout; 100% whey protein isolate (but processed is fine)

    You should try and do what I do but at a lower level if you do, youll fit into whatever size you want!

    GOOD LUCK (sorry for the essay)


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