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anyone here planning on stopping smoking?

whos planning on stopping smoking soon? and whats your motive? whether its for your health or to save money or any other reasons share here 🙂 im trying to stop smoking now hopefully be a non smoker before the summer fingers crossed! good luck to everyone who wants to pack in the cigarettes!!

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5 Responses to “anyone here planning on stopping smoking?”

  1. stewthur said :

    I plan on april 10th, i don’t know y i choose that date, for health reasons. I dipped for about 7yrs and stopped that, so i hope smoking is not worse.

  2. Staciarain said :

    I have never smoked but I have advice that my uncle gave my mother a few years ago that I thought was pretty brilliant. His words:

    “I quit cold turkey. I know it seems hard, but it’s just a matter of getting by. First, you’ve quit for an hour. Then two hours. Then a day. You just keep going, keep tacking on the time you’ve gone without that last cigarette. It takes a while but the urge to smoke goes away. Before you know it, it’s been fifteen years since you’ve picked up a cigarette.”

    Good for you for quitting, and good luck to you too!

  3. neanathaw said :

    drink coffee to resemble the taste and chew quitting gum, if that doesn’t work, leave your id you use to buy cigs at home, so you will have no choice but to not buy cigs, if that doesn’t work, cook up a different addiction like masterbating to porn, if that doesn’t work, give up on life for about 3 months by coming home from work/school and play world of warcraft, you’ll be like this in your head:

    ” man i want to go smoke, nevermind, if i do i will lose points and i will no longer hold a paladin level, ***k Cigarettes, take that evil warlock!!!”

  4. Ann D said :

    I quit cold turkey when I got pregnant with my last daughter. Its been over 3 years now and I don’t miss smoking. You can do it!!

  5. fagashlil1234 said :

    I quit cold turkey, I quit becuase I had this dream of drowning in my own body fluids like ya do when you die of lung cancer. And that was soo awful and felt so real I gave up. It isn’t easy giving up, infact its really crappy but eventually the cravings get board and die. I wont deny I do occassionaly get the odd crave when I’m stressed out occassionaly but only a little second thing, so good luck dude or dudette


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