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has anyone here lost weight when being 12 stone?

i am 12 stone, and it just seems like an impossible task to loose the weight, by any chance can someone who has previously been 12 stone speak up and tell me how you managed to loose the weight

if you dont mind answering

how did you loose the weight
how quickly was it lost
how hard was it ??

thankyouu (: (: (:

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One Response to “has anyone here lost weight when being 12 stone?”

  1. sylvia said :

    You can do it, I did. I’m going to say it was cleaning up my diet that really did it. I previously consumed a lot of mixed drinks and when I gave them up it helped a lot. I cut anything with corn syrup out and I think it helped too. The hardest thing was giving up cream and whole milk for my coffee.
    But I have lost weight and kept it off. Exercise is great in moderation but too much will give you an incredible appetite, so don’t over-do it. Cutting down your appetite is a good place to start, slowly, though, or you will feel cheated. No sodas, diet or otherwise, watch fried food and bread, they are things you have to eat in moderation.

    It took months, almost a year.
    The hard part was the cream!

    I think if you look at your diet you may also be able to cut out some things that will help you. I weighed more than you! (14 stone?)
    You can do it!


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