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Anyone who lost a lot of weight fast?

Is it possible for someone who is 5’4” and 125lbs to become 90 lbs or less because i’m trying to lose weight but it’s like impossible now that i’ve lost some excess weight (I was 140 lbs) so does anyone know how to break this plateau. I run 30min a day and eat small meals. Idk what else to do, at first I was losing so fast but not anymore.

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7 Responses to “Anyone who lost a lot of weight fast?”

  1. Dee C said :

    I’ve been told the trick to get through a plateau is to change up your exercise routine. your body gets use to it and then it stops. Do something different other than running. Go swimming, do an exercise class, biking?…. weights?!

  2. Victoria said :

    Are you freaking crazy! Quit that!!! 125lbs is perfect…don’t fall into that crazy skinny sh*t the media wants you to fall into!
    The thing is it’s easier to lose weight when you are heavier than it is when you are a “normal” size. Assuming your female your body wants you to keep some weight on to carry children and that is that.

  3. Suzume T said :

    What you should do is try swimming every moring 1 hour each time for 1 month. you will not only lose weight but will get a 6 pack. This trick is amazing I tried it and now I can beat me brother up easily although he is 2 years older.

  4. Kathryn J said :

    i dropped 30lbs in about 2 months. My ex broke up with me, I had to move back home w/ my parents. i worked 80hrs a week. Between the stress and not having time to eat between my 2 jobs, i dropped the weight super fast. But a more healthy approach would be to increase you workout from 30min to 45 and do more cardio.

  5. Bryan F said :

    idk but i have a ripstick and it’s working alot for me …and don’t drink soda …..try gatorade ………and in only 13 years old it works

  6. slik said :

    Losing weight is simple math. You need to burn more calories than is necessary to maintain your weight. You can try running an extra 15 mins / day, and you should see some results. Good luck.

  7. ktc925 said :

    What you’re doing doesn’t sound healthy. Losing almost 35 lbs is crazy. Question why you want to lose it. How old are you exactly? Personally, I would try for maybe 110 lbs. I’m about 5’6′ and about 125 lbs. And I look no where near super thin. I’ve got about an average build, except I have what you might call a ghetto booty. However…I can & will help. If you have money for a gym membership, I highly recommend curves. I’m 16 & I’ve only been going for a month. Now I did put on a pound. But I believe that is muscle, because I lost 5 inches total all around my body. And thats only from 2 weeks of work outs. I have very thick thighs, and I lost about an inch off each one, which is a huge loss for only 14 work outs. If you do NOT have the money, running will help your cardio & legs, but thats about it. Try some crunches/sit ups. That works your abs. Do that for about 20 minutes. Maybe do it for a tv show. Then switch to leglifts for another 20 minutes. As for meals, if you drink ANY soda, CUT IT OUT period. Soda will keep you bloated. I cut it out. I do sometimes have some at a restaurant, but usually I amp for water or tea. Drinking a lot of water also helps. It makes you want to pee a little more then often, but it’s good because it helps flush out any waste during the day. Try keeping two large water bottles in the fridge and make sure they’re always atleast halfway full. I have a 33 oz and a 22 oz I always keep full & sometimes half freeze. I drink about 1 of the 33 oz and 2 of the 22 oz. Which overall gets me a little more then the normal eight glasses of water you should have each day. (recommended by the food pyramid.) Now for meal sizes. I don’t know how much smaller your eating, but you should atleast be eating the recommended portions like on the food pyramid. If you’re having pasta, atleast have a 1/2-1 cup of it. You need to have atleast 2000 calories if you’re exercising regularly. If you don’t exercise, it’s 1500 calories. What I do, I will have an egg bagel in the morning with honey butter & a half bottle of water. Then I might have a snack of a cheese stick or granola bar during the middle of the day (before lunch.) Around lunch I might have a sandwhich, another bagel, or some leftover pasta from the night before. Between lunch & dinner I might have another granola bar, or cheese stick. Dinner, I usually have whatever meat my mom made. She usually has a meat, potatoes or rice, and 2 vegetables and a roll. I always have a lot of apple sauce at dinner. Because I hate fruit and don’t eat much of it. So I get my 3-5 portions all at once. (You can do it that way if you prefer certain things.) After dinner, If I had a bad day or I did something that I felt deserved rewarding, I have a small bag of bitesized candy (like whoppers) and might reward myself with a piece or two. With junk food, sweets, oils, and fats, try to cut those out as much as possible. I use to have to have a chocolate chip waffle every morning for breakfast, and then something chocolatey at each meal. I was a bit of a choco-holic. But now I might have a piece every other day. The key isn’t losing weight, but it’s about how you feel. I lost only a few inches and I’m a pant size smaller. You might actually gain weight while working out because our bodies are always fluxuating between water weight and if we’ve gained muscle. So don’t worry about the number of pounds. Just worry about how you look & feel. If you feel great about how you look, you might step on a scale and only lose a pound. Or you might be like me, and fit into an old pair of jeans really well, and GAIN a pound. So don’t worry about weight. Hope this helped! 🙂


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