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Has anyone else lost weight fast after being done breastfeeding?

I had my daughter 10 months ago and couldn’t lose a pound to save my life. I breastfed up until about 3 weeks ago, now all the sudden I am dropping weight with no effort.
Is this normal? I thought women were suppose to lose weight while they were breastfeeding.

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6 Responses to “Has anyone else lost weight fast after being done breastfeeding?”

  1. ErinFromOz said :

    it’s a myth! I couldn’t lose a pound while nursing so I joined weight watchers (I signed up as a nursing mom so I got more points.) I dropped the weight like mad only AFTER I was on weight watchers!

  2. lesmith said :

    Sort of. I stopped breastfeeding after 5 months. Then all of a sudden when my son was like 10 months old I dropped a lot of weight rapidly and I wasn’t really doing anything different. It just melted off. I don’t know why but I am glad!

  3. neato1975 said :

    Doesn’t sound too normal to me, but who knows? Maybe you’ve naturally been eating less since you don’t need the extra calories for milk production? I have been slowly weaning and slowly gaining weight.

  4. Scooter said :

    Yes it happens. You do lose weight during breastfeeding for the most part but not everyone does. Remember that you have to provide 500 calories a day for that baby so your body will naturally store that up. All though I dropped my weight within 3 weeks, every woman is different.

  5. Marysue said :

    *Some* (not all) women do lose weight while breastfeeding, but for others, their bodies are reluctant to give up those fat stores. The whole reason women store body fat as they do is so that we can nourish children in times when food isn’t plentiful. (Obviously this was a more useful trait centuries ago!)

    When you stop breastfeeding, you’re signaling your body that those energy deposits are no longer needed.

  6. [⋆] Aislyn's mommy [⋆] said :

    When you think about it, it doesn’t make sense at all. When you are breastfeeding, you burn 500 calories a day doing so. So they tell you to add an extra 500 calories to your diet. Logically, it should even out, right??

    I only breastfed my daughter for 5 weeks, and I only lost 5 pounds after my initial delivery weight loss. I still haven’t lost anymore weight, and my daughter is 10 weeks now.


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