has anyone EVER lost weight fast and kept it like that?

can you tell me your secrets and tricks, specifically?

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6 Responses to “has anyone EVER lost weight fast and kept it like that?”

  1. Maddy G said:

    I lost 15 pounds in a week.

    But my secret is that I caught the flu and didnt eat the whole week.
    For some reason I neve gained it back.

    But now I work out constantly, so that might be keeping it off too.

  2. Cory R said:

    I did by only eating when i was hungry and when i did eat i ate healthy and in small portions

    hope that helped

  3. he_bum said:

    well i am in football and had two a days for about 5 hours a day for 2 weeks and lost a total of 25 pds

  4. Cupcakes... said:

    Well, honestly, I think it’s impossible to lose real weight (fat) fast because it takes -3500 calories to burn a pound of fat. Usually when people lose weight fast, they’re losing water weight first (which will come back just as quickly), and some fat but also muscle, which isn’t good and will just make them more flabby. So my point is, lose weight gradually, and you’ll actually keep it off.

  5. Eternity.Angel said:

    I recently lost like 4 pounds. Like it took like 1 to 3 days. Well I had started to lead a more healthy lifestyle and run every for like 45 minutes or 30 minutes. But now I try to run 45 minutes daily. So I also drank like 4 cups of Green tea

  6. rock'n'roll nerd said:

    well…I lost over half a stone in about 3 weeks once and dropped a dress size when I came off the contraceptive pill a few years ago. I went on as a teen to control painful periods and stayed on it till I was about 20. Within less than a month of stopping I lost the weight and it stayed off.
    Not quite a diet plan though!


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