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How much weight have I lost since last Wednesday?

I’m not very good with fractions, I’ve been dieting since the year started. Last Wednesday I weighed 14stone 12 and half pounds. This morning I am 14 stone 10 and three quarter. NO diet internet links please.
To MORT H – You didn’t actuallly answer the question and I requested NO LINKS PLEASE. Lets have some sensible answers.
Thanks Bo P – Its what I suspected. Thanks.

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5 Responses to “How much weight have I lost since last Wednesday?”

  1. Bo P said :

    1.75 , one and three quarters 🙂 well done. change fractions into decimals, is easier

  2. Phat T said :

    1 and three quaters of a pound 🙂 good job, wish I had your dedication 🙂

  3. venusmantrap91 said :

    actually, they’re wrong. You’ve lost 1.25, not 1.75 pounds. Well done though 🙂

    Nevermind, I answered your question when I was really tired and didn’t see the “and a half”. You have indeed lost 1.75 pounds 😛

  4. εїз тιикєявєℓℓ said :

    You have lost 1 pound and three quaters

  5. The Last Word said :

    you have lost 1 3/4 lb. Good. If I were you, though, I’d weigh myself once weekly, on the same day, at the same time. Not meaning o offend you, but I wouldn’t worry about the fractions of it all. At almost 15st, a couple of ounces won’t even register. Concentrate on sticking to the diet, and aim to lose 2lb per week. Good luck.


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