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I have been dieting strictly last year and the weight came back on. Help?

I feel that my metabolism has slowed down. Is there anything I can do to eat a balanced healthy 3 meals a day and still lose weight???It doesn’t seem to be working and I am at least 14kilos overweight. I want to lose it before end of February. Please some tried and tested advice would be excellent. Thks!

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8 Responses to “I have been dieting strictly last year and the weight came back on. Help?”

  1. Yoga Wifey said :

    You need to excercise to speed up your metabolism. I do interval training which has really helped speed up my metabolism and shift the last few pounds without really having to slog it out for hours. I do about 30-50 minutes 5 times a week which may be too much for you but by the sounds of it you need the extra boost that excercise will give you.

    Good luck


  2. sanjana said :

    i think dat its always wiser to exercise in stead of just dieting because sometimes the food u eat while dieting is so nutritious dat u end up putting on more weight than wat u can lose!!now try joining a gymnasium or just go out with pals to play some sport.while at it,continue a diet that includes at least 3- 4 portions of fruits and vegetables daily, and drink at least 8 glasses of water daily.but remember, u must keep exercising.

  3. Aleks Myfitmate said :

    Hi, you bwill find with weight loss that the body reacts in many ways so dont be suprised if you put any weight back on. The body adapts to its changes so you have to keep changing it up its an ongoing maintanance program.

    The key to get the metabolism kicking is 3 meals a day. you have to first understand the metabolism slows down as the day does by so by night time its at its slowest.

    Consuming 5-6 meals a day in smaller portiions is much better start with a big brekky that is low G.I and have a midmorning snack then your lunch mid sized and avo snak and dinner (small) latest 6-7pm.

    this will help with getting the metabolism kicking and as long as you stick to a healthy food plan this will help you. avoid as best you can pastas rice and white bread. i have some good recipes on my blog feel fre to check em out.

    good luck

  4. kissytoffee said :

    Try Paul Mckenna’s I can make you thin.

    It’s a system, not a diet and i lost 4 stone in 4 months and have kept it off.

  5. nutsnhoney61 said :

    You can not deprive your body of the things it needs. Depending on the kind of diet you were on-sometimes your weight comes back and added weight also. Weight Watchers is the best and healthiest way to lose weight. People get on these “no carbonhydrates” diets- they lose the weight- but it comes back with a vengence. I lost 45 lbs just by cutting back on the “amounts” of food I ate. I still ate everything I enjoy-just not in lg. quantities.

  6. blue dolphin said :

    The trouble is if you diet too strictly, your body goes into starvation mode and slows down your metabolism to cope. You need to first eat normally for a few days, then cut out as much fat in your diet as you can, look at the fat content of everything you buy (especially processed foods). You can eat as many boiled vegetables as you like and they don’t count in calories, it is sauces that you tend to put on the vegetables that contain the fat. Did you know that cream of tomato soup is made with high fat powder to give it taste, you may as well have fish and chips, even mint sauce has a trace of fat. also exercise. If you feel like snacking and happen to like tomatoes or raw carrots, eat those. Don’t give in to sweet sugary stuff either. I lost 1 and a 1/2 stone a few years ago using this method.
    Sometimes you don’t realise just how much hidden fat you are actually eating. Look at the fat content in a pot noodle next time you go shopping or in super noodles.

  7. Mark S said :

    after loosing weight the weight will always go back on its harder to loose than putting it on, the faster you loose it the faster u will put it bak on.

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